Jean Monnet Courses

Jean Monnet Chair of European Union Law

and development of European studies

Law Degree Programme

University of Zagreb - Faculty of Law


Judicial Process in the European Union

Winter semester - 4 ECTS

Fundamental Rights in the 
European Union

Winter semester - 4 ECTS

Regulatory Method in the European Union

Winter semester - 4 ECTS
Mission of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law is to advance graduate and post-graduate education and legal research in field of European Law, to develop European and regional academic networking, to create professional opportunities for legal academics and to promote academic reflection of European Law and European values in order to facilitate integration of Croatia with the European Union.


Prof. dr. Siniša Rodin, LL.M.
Prof. dr. Tamara Ćapeta, LL.M.
Prof. dr. Iris Goldner Lang, LL.M.
Prof. dr. Tamara Perišin, Mag.Jur.

EU and WTO in Comparative Perspective

Winter semester - 4 ECTS

European Law Moot Court Competition

Winter semester - 10 ECTS

EU Internal Market Law

Winter semester - 4 ECTS

Dr. Snježana Vasiljević M.Phil.
Mislav Mataija, LL.M.
Melita Carević, LL.M.
Filip Kuhta

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Summer semester - 8 ECTS

Students who take Jean Monnet courses are entitled to receive a special Jean Monnet certificate and are eligible for a grant to attend one week intensive seminar in EU law in Dubrovnik (see links below).

Development of European Studies

Winter semester - 4 ECTSZagreb_Development.html

Dubrovnik - Advanced Issues of EU Law

Summer semester - 4 ECTS